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Vaginal Prolapse

Overview – Vaginal prolapse is a protrusion of the vagina outward. It is quite common in women who have delivered babies. It can affect a woman’s sex life if not treated.

Causes/Risk Factors

The biggest cause of prolapse is pregnancy and child birth. Though a number of other factors such as family history, lifestyle and certain medical conditions can also cause prolapse. It can also occur after the surgical removal of a woman’s womb.


Symptoms of vaginal prolapse are:

  •  Sensation of a vaginal lump or a dragging sensation
  •  Protrusion of part of the vagina
  •  Constipation
  •  Difficulty emptying your bladder
  •  Problems with sexual intercourse
  •  Bleeding
  •  Ulcers on the exposed partDiagnosisYour doctor can diagnose a vaginal prolapse by doing a pelvic exam for you. A biopsy can be done to exclude cancer.


    The treatment of vaginal prolapse can vary from simple lifestyle changes and specific exercises to the use of devices known as pessaries. Surgery is an option when the prolapse is an advanced type.

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