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How To Keep Your Hands and Feet Healthy

How To Keep Your Hands and Feet Healthy

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When many people think of living a healthy lifestyle, they typically think of diet and fitness. Whilst this may be true to an extent, proper care of your hands, feet and nails are essential to living a disease free life.

It is important to view a healthy lifestyle from a broader perspective of complete physical, biological and mental well being – hands , feet and nails included.

Many people neglect their hands and feet during the rush to get ready in the morning or get to bed at night and that shouldn’t be.


It is important to wash your hands regularly during the course of the day, it is one of the best ways to prevent diseases.

We come into contact with millions of bacteria everyday, usually by touching germs. People who bite their nails may expose themselves to illnesses that are transmitted through physical contact. Also, scratching of the skin, rubbing the eyes are various ways which harmful bacteria can be transmitted into the body.

In addition, try to make a standing rule to wash your hands after coming in contact with anything dirty or porous (as objects with tiny holes can abhor large amounts of bacteria and viruses).

When washing your hands, use soap or a general cleaner (preferably one low in alcohol) and lather for 15-20 seconds. Do not neglect the areas under the finger nails and between each finger. You may also wash up to the elbow.

To live a disease-free life, ensure you form a habit of washing your hands after the following;

  • Prior to eating, handling or cooking food.
  • After a visit to the restroom (Females should wash their hands before as well).
  • After performing any form of cleaning or chores.
  • After petting or touching a pet or other animals.
  • After coughing, blowing the nose or sneezing.
  • Before picking up your baby following a day at work or outside the home.


Caring for your feet is absolutely essential. Our feet take us everywhere so its important to care for them.

There are a great deal of things to consider when maintaining foot health. The feet can get very dirty during the course of the day and this can clog pores. In addition, the fact that the feet are normally enclosed in socks and/or shoes can cause them to sweat a great deal more than other parts of the body.

By washing our feet, we remove dirt and unclog pores while rehydrating the skin.

Ue the following tips for optimal foot health;

  • While you shower, wash all portions of the feet. This includes the sole, ankle and between the toes.
  • Do not forget to wash the area under the toe nails. This can be a haven for dirt and bacteria.
  • Thoroughly dry your feet after washing. Moisture and wetness attract fungi which causes athlete’s foot.
  • Moisturize your feet lightly and air dry.
  • Keep your shoes in good condition. Many conditions of the feet such as calluses, blisters, rolled ankles, are as a result of worn out shoes.

Most of all, invest in a quality manicure and pedicure session once in a while to pamper your hands and feet.

Have a good one. Peace and Love.


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