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How Fitfam are you? If you are on Social media, you would have surely come across the word Fitfam, a term used by Fitness lovers to support one another to reach their ideal Fitness goals.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Now let’s talk reality. How Fitfam really are we as a people? How supportive are we of each others’ Fitfam goals? Fitfam has become a fad, with people uploading pictures of healthy meals, smoothies and dietary supplements, new training and exercise gear they just purchased to join the train. But after all the Social media updates, how true are we to Fitfam in our private lives?

Fitfam is a lifestyle, it should be incorporated into your everyday routine; that is why it is important you choose a routine that you can maintain, and start slow. It will be foolhardy for someone who never used to run to begin to run Ten kilometers everyday or a lover of food like me to start a starvation diet.

Its important when you want to begin your #Fitfam journey to make lifestyle changes that are realistic to your situation e.g You can’t go to the gym everyday when you have a demanding job; your Fitfam journey should be unique to you and should be what works for you. One thing I do is, drink a lot of water so whenever I have to go the restroom, I do about fifty squats and walk when I can. This simple lifestyle adjustment has helped me tremendously. So look for pratical and simple ways to get your fit on.

Also, watching what you eat is more beneficial than going on a diet which would be abandoned after a shortwhile. The reason most diets don’t last is because they are boring. Our taste buds are meant to experience varied tastes and constricting them to just a type of a food is a chore which doesn’t help you stay true to them.

I have tried all sorts of diets; Atkins, Liquid diet, Starvation, Raw food diet, Fasting diet (its a thing)etc and I can boldly tell you that none worked, yes, I might loose a bit of weight but soon after, I go back to my bad habits and gain some weight again, so a lifestyle adjustment was what worked, I had to reduce carbs, avoid fizzy drinks, avoid fast foods(saves me money anyway), eat more fruits and veggies, wholegrains and have cheat days so I don’t feel like I am suffering.


The benefits of joining the Fitfam circle are myriad. Let’s explore.


There’s hardly anyone I know who doesn’t want to loose some pounds/kg. Excess fat does nothing for you. The recipe for this is simple: Diet and exercise.


Exercise and a healthy diet improves the overall condition of your heart and lowers your risk of heart disease. Your blood pressure is lowered, cholesterol level is improved, and the heart muscle can pump blood more efficiently.


I believe this should actually be the most important reason why Fitfam should be adopted. Looking and feeling better caters to our vanity, there is a glow/radiance that comes from being fit and healthy, You have more energy, improved self esteem, reduced anxiety and depression, increased confidence, manage stress and anger better; and this is very vital, we are a little too angry, so let’s go for that jog.


Fitfam helps keep the Doctor away. There are so many diseases that a healthy lifestyle keeps away such as Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Heart failure, Stroke, Colon and Breast cancer, Obesity, Premature death etc.


This is so true, when I am unfit, I am sluggish and my brain doesn’t “boot” quickly. The reverse is the case when I exercise, I am more alert and have sharper and faster thinking, I function better.


Exercise with balanced diet helps build strong and healthy bones. It can help slow the bone loss associated with getting older.


Look at Celebrities you really admire who look younger than their ages, their secret might be good genes but it is almost always a good diet and an active fit lifestyle. You want people to be shocked when they know your age, get Fit.


Exercising has been said to be a great way to meet and connect with people. (The Lekki/Ikoyi Bridge in Lagos has become a hub for social meetings, everyone jogs on that road). Staying active is a great way to have fun and make new friends.

Fitfam is not just a great fad, its a hugely beneficial lifestyle, let’s adopt it.

About Busayo Oderinde

I am a girl who loves life and wants to live it well, and tries to get the knowledge to do just that.

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