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Convulsions in children are often triggered by a rapid rise in body temperature, or a seizure disorder especially in older children and adults.

If your child has a fever, ensure you expose the child by taking off clothes and tepid sponge (using running water from a tap, NOT COLD and a towel, gently mop the body leaving traces of water on the body every 2-3 minutes until temperature drops)

What to do

If a person convulses, take the following measures;

• Try to stay calm and don’t panic
• Place the person on a flat surface, lying on his or her left side or back • Clear the surroundings of things that could hurt the person
• Wait for 5minutes for seizure to subside
• Take the person to the hospital once the convulsion stops

What not to do

• DO NOT try to restrain the child
• DO NOT place any objects such as spoon or fingers in the mouth

• DO NOT place the child’s feet in fire
• DO NOT give any herbal concotions or cow’s urine
• DO NOT squeeze leaves in the child’s eyes

Go the hospital immediately if;
• The convulsion lasts more than five minutes
• Has difficulty in breathing
• Hit his or her head before or during the convulsion • Becomes unconscious

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