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Hellodoc is a healthcare directory listing portal and health resource hub.

Hospitals, specialists and other healthcare providers can list on our directory to be found easily by people looking for their services.

People looking for healthcare services can search for Hospitals, Dentists or any specialist centre in Nigeria on our platform. You can either search hospitals close to you or search by the type of healthcare service. E.g Eti Osa or Dermatologist. You can also book hospital appointments and rate or review a health facility.

We also provide sound health information and tips for all age groups. Please note; HelloDoc is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Resources are for informational purposes ONLY!
Our aim is to help healthcare consumers make more informed choices, and also make them more proactive in managing their health, thereby promoting health consciousness and improving the health outcome of the Nigerian society.

Hellodoc is a product of Dochelp International Services Ltd, a health technology startup company.
We are located in Lagos, Nigeria.
For further information, email info@hellodoc.ng.